ACB Knowledge Consultants Inc.

Inspiring Innovation. Building Value.

ACB Knowledge Consultants Inc.


ACB Knowledge Consultants Inc (ACBKCI) is a strategic communications and consulting firm which promotes business strategies and techniques for small and large companies.

We were contracted to develop a complete corporate identity including an interactive website with full audio narration.

The concept of the logo was developed during a meeting with the ACBKCI representative where it was noted that their main goal is to educate and inspire innovation in order to build businesses. We decided to use building blocks as a representation of the work done by ACBKCI.

The ACBKCI website comprises of 10 pages which includes downloadable content, both audio and video, and a customized blog. A subtle flash header sits at the top of each main page to give the site a feeling of movement with the theme of building blocks recurring at regular intervals. There is also a flash introductory page with built in audio narration to welcome visitors.

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