Our Process

The Web3 Model

We are all connected. Every day, we exchange thoughts, ideas and strategies across a free flowing web of limitless information. It is all around us and it is moving us ahead at a phenomenal rate.

So entwined are we in this web, that most people own multiple devices to maintain a 24hr gateway to it. This is the New Media World.

In this world, we are technologically liberated. Not liberated in the sense that we are free of technology but in a way where we are free to use these technologies for what Island Evolved terms as the WEB3 model.

The WEB3 Model is a theory based on satisfying the needs of people who interact with the Internet and its many applications and devices. Island Evolved Inc. created and uses the WEB3 model as an integral part of our process to develop our designs, technologies, and brands.

Everyone accesses the Internet at different times for different reasons. Understanding why people logon is how Island Evolved Inc. provides assistance to businesses in developing their web presence and adhering to their customers’ online needs.

'W' - Wherever, Whatever, Whoever


In the beginning, persons were only able to access the Internet from the computer at home or in the office, however developments in wireless technologies have given us devices which allow us to stay connected while on the go. With no closing time or shut off switch, the Internet can be accessed at any hour of any day.


Any business, service, idea or product can be presented on the Internet in a vast majority of ways. There are thousands of websites online but there are only a few basic website categories.

These are:-
  • Personal Websites
  • Photo Sharing Websites
  • Community Building Websites
  • Mobile Device Websites
  • Blogs
  • Informational Websites
  • Online Business Brochure/Catalog
  • E-commerce Websites

Although there are many website which are hybrids of these categories these are the basic web structures which each site falls under.


The Internet does not discriminate. Race, family background or social status does not matter because anybody can use it. There are even functions for persons with disabilities and language translators for users who surf foreign sites.

'E' - Education, Entertainment, Expression


The Internet is now the main tool used around the world for general and specialized research, news and global updates and for comparing and verifying facts. It can also be used to gain certificates, degrees or diplomas from various learning institutions around the world.


The Internet shows its versatility with its ability to entertain. Users can listen to almost any song from any era or they can watch movies, television shows or videos created by other users. They can read newspapers, books, comics and magazines online. They can chat with each other by type, audio or video, play games with each other and share information.


Through the Internet users are free to express themselves and allow others to see their talents, points of views, likes and dislikes. It is a place where singers, writers, musicians and artists are discovered. Persons can instantly gain celebrity-status or notoriety by voicing their opinions through blogs and websites and quite few of them have made successful careers from doing just that.

'B' - Business, Branding, Barrier Breaking


The Internet is commonly used to make item purchases and transactions. Almost anything can be bought online from groceries, electronics, automobiles, event tickets and everything else.

With the integration of SMART mobile devices, The Internet can also be used to successfully start and operate a business without a physical brick and mortar location. Business owners can manage their accounts, print documents, order new stock and process customer credit cards by using applications on their SMART phones.


Several outlets for brand development exist online. Through email newsletters and banner ads, businesses creatively focus on their target audience by utilizing the accessibility of the Internet. A popular form of online brand development is starting an Internet viral campaign. This is when a business launches a “mini” website using a catchy and memorable domain name to drive users to that site in order to advertise a product or service. These “mini” websites usually encourage interactive participation in the form of online games or polls with multiple prize giveaways to encourage users to return.

Barrier Breaking

Because of the connectivity, locating potential partners has become easier for businesses. No longer do we have to fly around or make expensive cross-country phone calls, they can potentially partner with.

How Island Evolved Inc uses the WEB3 Model.

Evolving Your Island

Picture the New Media World as a vast sea of communications, and within that sea, thousands of online companies, ideas and web communities exist as islands. These islands communicate with each other at the speed of light, sharing information, building networks and competing for clients and search engine ranking. Like the real world, the New Media World communicates in different languages. These are javascript, Ajax, php, html, CSS etc.., and these languages are used collectively to improve communication. In the real world however, using several languages simultaneously to convey a message would be puzzling for any audience.

Whether you like it or not, your business (or idea) is also represented by an  island within the New Media World and it is up to you to develop your business practices or be phased out. This is where the WEB3 Model is most important.

Think of the WEB3 as a tree to be planted on your  island. It starts with a seed. The seed is your idea or business. But before you plant your seed you must ask yourself:

  1. Who is your business/idea targeting (Age Group, Males, Female)?
  2. What is your business/idea about (entertainment, expression, education)?
  3. Where is my market/target audience (Barbados, The Caribbean, US)?

Island  Evolved Inc. will assist with the planting of your seed. This signifies the cultivation of your  island in the New Media World with an [Easily Accessible Structured Interface]. This EASI website will be your means of communicating with other businesses and clients in the New Media World.

As the seed grows it would need to be watered and groomed. This grooming is the site maintenance and updates.  Island  Evolved Inc has created a Content Management System which assists our EASI users in making regular updates to their website enabling them to be their own Webmaster.

As your seed develops into a tree, your networks will be expanding. This is includes Search Engine Optimization and link building.  IslandEvolved offers these services.

Your tree will then begin to flourish and bear fruit. Bearing fruit is not just the receipt of financial revenue. It is also receiving important information and the growth of your online community. This will also spur business relationships and barrier breaking as your products, services or ideas can be introduced to new markets.

The flexibility of the Internet is then shown because within each fruit that is reaped is a seed which can allow you to restart the process with a new idea. Therefore, your  Island has  Evolved.