Our Process

Our Virtual Office

We have structured the Island Evolved Inc. website to be a virtual office. Here you can access information about our web and graphics services, meet our team members, leave messages via email or Facebook and clients can contact us directly via Basecamp or Skype.

Island Evolved Inc. operates almost exclusively online. Our business accounts, contact records and in-house files and folders are all managed online through several secure Internet-based services. We have chosen this online business strategy so that we are completely familiar with the many services provided via the Internet and can accurately and professionally consult with our clients regarding these and other online services which enhance our business structure.

Communication applications used by Island Evolved Inc.


Our main form of client communication is through our online project management system Base Camp. Because important emails can get lost among other emails, Island Evolved Inc. started using Base Camp as a secure way to keep all of a client’s information in one place so everyone related to the project can have access.

When a new project is started, we will open a Base Camp account and provides access to each member of our client’s team. Base Camp is a very simple program to use and it provides a way to instantly check project tasks and timelines without shuffling through hundreds of emails.


Island Evolved Inc. also utilizes Skype for “one on one” meetings and online consultancy. Skype’s real-time screen share capabilities and video conferencing are essential for exhibiting project concepts and progression to clients who are unavailable for an in-person meeting.

Other applications and programs used by Island Evolved Inc.

If you are interested in finding out more about the different online applications that are used in setting up an online business please contact us.