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Tourism Technology

Barbados has developed a rich culture of technology. Look in almost any direction and you are guaranteed to see someone thumbing away at a smart phone possibly sending an email or uploading a photo that they just took.

From business professionals to students, almost everyone has bought into the idea of next-generation tech with many of us using it for entertainment, communication and research purposes.

This is not only in Barbados but across the globe. We all have become so dependent on these modern marvels that without them, we feel like we are being left behind by some life-changing event happening online. Along with technology, Barbados is also very dependent on tourism as our main earner of foreign exchange. During the winter season, our beaches can be seen filled with sun bathers who are seeking a tropical escape from the frosty temperatures back home.

Island Evolved Inc believes that by combining new technologies with tourism incentives that we can successfully market Barbados as a leading travel destination. This does not entail building touristy websites but constructing web and technology environments which will encourage persons to come to Barbados for a particular reason.

Barbados is a country that is more than just sea and sand. Island Evolved Inc. plans to use technology to target specialized markets to showcase the cultural and recreational layers of our island. These technologies will not only cater to the tourist market but to locals as well. Persons visit Barbados and the Caribbean for various reasons. For recreation, sports, weddings, festivals, conferences and several other activities.

Island Evolved Inc's tourism incentive also explores the social media environment and development of mobile technology. We also plan to incorporate up to the minute news, online events, bookings, retail, hotel information and other forms of ecommerce. The project is entitled Tuk Kiosk.

Another one of Island Evolved’s tourism technology initiatives is Bimshire Polo. This is a sports tourism and travel website which promotes the sport of polo in Barbados.

To further these projects we intend to partner with leaders in the tourism industry and in the future we plan to incorporate even more tourism technology into our projects.