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The Team

Meet the family at Island Evolved. We are graphic designers, web developers, photographers and writers. We are here to assist you.

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Fabian Branch

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Island Evolved Inc. Fabian Branch leads our team in creating EASI™ (Engaging Accessible Structured Interfaces) environments for all our clients and projects. Fabian strongly believes in a web for everyone and his desire was to bring web development of international standards to Barbados and Caribbean business markets with new media technologies and services offered by Island Evolved Inc.

Fabian has over eight years of experience working in the web and print industry and has excelled in advertisement building, photography, page design and layout. In his many roles, Fabian works in developing new web technology, user interfaces and mobile applications. He also functions in the role of New Media Business Strategist, where his skills are in high demand. His work has been crucial to the continued maintenance of the business's qualities and high standards of output.

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Jamal Hall

Chief Digital Media Officer

Jamal Hall plays a major role in research and concept development for Island Evolved's in- house projects. His duties also include information and content development for client websites. Jamal’s energetic personality and competitive spirit lend to his ability of creating complete project plans from any good idea or suggestion. He approaches everything he does with a very positive outlook.

Jamal has several advanced skills including; Business Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Photography, Graphic Design and Sound Engineering.

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Kevin Sandiford

Systems Programmer and Database Administrator

It is Kevin Sandiford's skill set that allows Island Evolved Inc. to create our digital media applications. His database administration and programming skills have been highly requested by our clients. Kevin has played a pivotal role in the development of our content management system Fruition™ as well as several other in-house web based applications.

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